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Kenner offers a wide range of Technology courses at University, College and Workplace levels.  These provide great optional credits for students either just for interest or to lead into a career in the Trades or Service industries.  Come check us out! 

 Small Engines
 This course focuses on advanced food preparation and presentation skills; event and activity planning. Students study the nutritional value of foods, plan menus and recipes, develop management techniques. They also explore careers, the impact of the hospitality and tourism industry on society and the environment, and health and safety standards in the workplace. This program will cover a range of topics including plant science, landscape design and indoor and outdoor landscaping. Students will be involved in the growing and marketing of a greenhouse crop. Students will study trends in horticulture industry and explore career opportunities in an experiential learning environment. The program focuses on program design, automotive diagnostics, maintenance and repair with an emphasis on the student’s ability to problem solve and use tools in a safe and productive manner. They also acquire skills and an in-depth understanding of vehicle design and automotive systems such as engines, cooling, lubrication, fuel, brakes, steering, suspensions, and body components. This course is offered in a fully functioning automotive repair facility that exists in the school. This course introduces students to the service and maintenance of vehicles, aircraft, and/or water craft. Students will develop knowledge and skills related to the construction and operation of vehicle/craft systems and learn maintenance and repair techniques. Student projects may include the construction of a self-propelled vehicle or craft, engine service, electrical/battery service, and proper care. The major emphasis of this course will be focused within a small-engine repair shop. This course presents hairstyling, make-up, and nail care techniques from a salon/spa perspective. Through a variety of school and community-based activities, students learn fundamental skills in hairstyling, giving manicures and facials and providing hair/scalp analyses, and treatments. Students also consider related environmental and societal issues and explore secondary and post-secondary pathways leading to careers in the field of hairstyling and aesthetics. This program is designed for the student who is interested in a career in the construction field and for the student who wishes to learn practical building skills. The student will be introduced to a broad range of knowledge with an opportunity to apply transferable skills and problem solving techniques in the carpentry and construction field. The primary focus of this course will be community based projects such as building fences, decks and home repairs.

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 Small Engines
Hair styling 
 Peter PoleyJanice Prentice Frank MoloneyBrian JuryJulianne Runions Frederic Chislett 
  Peter Poley  Janice Prentice  Frank Moloney Brian Jury   Julianne Runions Frederic Chislett 

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