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The Kenner Foundation was created in 1993 with the profits from the 40th reunion held the previous year. The purpose of the Foundation is to provide financial aid to encourage our students to continue their education to lead them to successful careers. Since its inception the Foundation has given out over $175,000 to our students. We are able to make these annual awards with the interest from a small investment base, fund-raisers such as the annual Golf Tournament, and donations from the public.


In 1992 the Kenner Hall of Honour was created with the induction of 40 Alumni. This Hall of Honour now contains the pictures and stories of 130 former students representing many varied careers. These models inspire our present-day students to seek excellence in their chosen fields and to contribute their talents to their communities.

Foundation Contacts


Contacts:  Lori Quinlan

(705) 743-2181 ext. 224

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Nomination Guidelines

Nomination Guidelines


The Kenner Foundation Board of Directors are seeking nominations for this year's Hall of Honour Induction Ceremony.    The Induction Ceremony will be held immediately preceding our Graduation Ceremony on June 27, 2024.  Deadline for submissions is May 19, 2024.
Please visit the Kenner Website https://kenner.kprdsb.ca/  under the Kenner Foundation tab for a copy of the Google Form for Nomination submissions, or contact Lori Quinlan via e-mail: lori_quinlan@kprdsb.ca

Kenner Hall of Honour Nomination Guidelines

1. Individuals must have gone to Kenner for three years or graduated from Kenner at least fifteen years ago.

2. Individuals should show success in whatever trade, skill, profession, public service or business activity they

have chosen to pursue.

3. Candidates should represent as many trades, skills, professions, public services or business activities as possible.

4. Candidates should represent all streams of the education program offered at Kenner.

5. Candidates should have a significant record of volunteer service to their community.

6. Candidates can be nominated by any member of the community.

7. Candidates must indicate their willingness to be accepted into the Hall of Honour. Those selected should provide a 150 word biography for the Wall and an eight and a half by ten inch portrait.



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