Welcome to Outdoor Leadership

Welcome to Outdoor Leadership

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Since 1968, Kenner has been a pioneer in Outdoor Education as a means of developing individual character, fitness, and leadership. Our current programs continue to challenge students to improve their skills, knowledge and attitudes with regards to outdoor activities. 

Outdoor Leadership (PAD 4A0) is a senior P.E. course which runs in the second semester. This class is paired with the Outdoor Skills Program at Fleming College as a dual-credit. Students attend class on campus one afternoon per week and can receive a college credit free of charge. 

A balance of theory, hands-on activities, and stories from our instructor, Kevin Callan, always makes things interesting.

Kenner is pleased to offer students an opportunity to pursue a Specialist High Skills Major in the area of Health and Wellness. The PAD course is the cornerstone of this program where students can gain industry standard certifications and experience. Qualifying students can receive a special designation on their graduation diploma.

The “Kenner Adventures” is an extracurricular group which gives students of all grades the chance to experience the outdoors within a safe, supportive environment. All are welcome to join in and enjoy the 4-season fun! Special edition club caps are available for just $20.

Last summer, Kenner ran a Summer Camp for students entering grade 9. Week one was spent in basecamp learning basic skills, team-building, and trip planning. Week two was spent on a cottage country canoe trip. It was a blast and the students received a Summer School P.E. credit. We are hoping to offer the camp again this year!

You may find attached photos from all of these programs. For more information about any of them, please contact Mr. Kubica. LIVE OFF-LINE! GO OUTSIDE! 
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