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Welcome to Kenner's Student Free-cycling Store!
Come to the KCVI Free-cycling Store and find a treasure.


The Kenner Free-cycling Store is a second hand store with a small catch - every item "for sale" is completely free! It is stocked with all kinds of gently used clothing as well as a small selection of food and hygiene products. The selection changes every week!


According to Wikipedia:
Free-cycling, or free recycling, is the act of giving away usable unwanted items to others instead of disposing of them in landfills. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freecycling


Kenner's Free-cycling Store is located in the hall behind the small gym. Follow the signs near the vending machines!


The Free-cycling Store is open to ALL students at Kenner. We invite everyone to come shopping - you never know what treasures you'll find! Special thanks to Vinnies Peterborough for providing a great stash of hangers for our shop!


The Free-cycling Store is open every Wednesday at lunch. Students can also make individual appointments to visit the store with a teacher, as needed.


In the free-cycling spirit, we encourage donations of clean, gently used clothing, coats, shoes, and accessories such as scarves, jewelry, and hats. In addition we are happy to receive non-perishable food items, school supplies, and hygiene products such as shampoo, deodorant, tampons and sanitary pads.

Please contact Ms. MacDonald or Ms. Dempsey for more information.

Contact Information

Contact Information



Janine MacDonald


Carla Dempsey




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