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The Kenner Studio for the Arts is a space for artists, musicians, and film-makers to create art in a variety of forms.  The Acoustic Room houses our grand piano, an acoustic guitar, a cajon drum box, and a ukulele.  We have treated the walls with sound absorption to make this room a cozy space that is ideal for acoustic instruments.  Master Control is the hub of our recording and broadcasting studio.  We use a green screen and video mixer for live performances as well as a Mac computer and Presonus sound board for audio recordings.  The Live Room is a space for groups of musicians to plug in and use the P.A. for vocals, bass guitar, electric and acoustic guitars, a baby grand piano, and full-band rehearsals.  This room features a vocal and drum isolation booth and is also fully treated for sound absorption.  Each of the rooms can be signed out at assigned times by students using Edsby so that they can form bands, rehearse for performances, and write and record music.    
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