Welcome to Kenner's Writing Club

Kenner's writing club is a group of writers who create short (and long) stories, poems, plays and screenplays, etc. Each month, our group has a theme or style to write in: for example, October was horror/suspense. We also discuss topics related to writing such as how to get over writer's block.

Kenner's writing club meets every Wednesday at lunch in room 229. 

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join Kenner's writing club Anyone can drop in at any time, our meetings are informal, so there's no pressure to come to every meeting, Chromebooks and/or paper will be provided - just bring your creative ideas and write!

Student Writing
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2018-01-18 18:33:11

First Day of School

The halls were empty, cold and dark as I shuffled toward the cafeteria.

...


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